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Pioneering clean bus solutions.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. Now, more than ever, we are concerned about our footprint on the planet. As we emerge from a post-industrial era, we are mindful of our impact and committed to leaving the world a better, cleaner place for future generations.

At Crestline Buses, sustainability remains at the forefront of our thinking, planning, and action. With a corporate culture and history shaped by innovation, Crestline Buses is now offering electric bus and van solutions. We envision the future of transportation to be 100% electric. We have partnered with leading electric bus manufacturers to develop all-electric bus options for our customers. We are devoted to working alongside the electric vehicle industry to create a comprehensive solution for you. Through close partnerships with large municipalities, Crestline Buses is already working with urban cities that have committed to the zero-emission bus fleet challenge.

Considering making a move to electric?

There are many considerations to think about before purchasing an electric bus. Choosing a partner like Crestline Buses can help you select the proper electric bus solution to meet your needs and ensure a smooth buying and delivery process.

What should you consider during the planning stage? First, consult with your city or town to understand all green initiatives available, including electric funding and future infrastructure. Route configuration, charging infrastructure, power supply, and even weather can play an essential role in your decision. Our trained experts help you define what charging strategy is a match for your electric bus fleet. We are here to support you in transitioning your fleet to the new generation of electric vehicles.

Financing your purchase

Leverage public fundings to reduce the upfront cost of your electric bus.

Get public fundings

We monitor federal and provincial incentive programs for you.
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Charging infrastructure

Plan your depot's charging stations installation so your electric bus is ready to hit the road.

Understand chargers

We help you select the right charging solution your needs.
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Electric know-how

Get ready to drive, maintain, and manage an electric bus fleet with our experts.

Train your team

We provide educational content on electric buses, tricks and tips to help you transition your fleet.
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Cost-saving benefits of transitioning to electric bus solutions.

An electric bus solution is an intelligent investment. Transitioning to electricity offers an immediate benefit of a smaller environmental footprint and cleaner air for your community. But did you know that switching to a zero-emission bus solution can also save you money? It is cost-effective for your municipality or business on several fronts, including:

  • Reduced operating costs and fuel
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Access to provincial grants and subsidies (available funding differs according to Provincial legislation)

Ready to go electric?

We partner with leaders in electric bus manufacturing.

We have partnered with industry leaders to nurture our electric vehicle line-up. Together, we are committed to changing the Canadian landscape, seeking to deploy more and more electric bus fleets across the country. 

New Flyer Industries (NFI) is at the forefront of the electrification of public transit buses. ARBOC being part of the NFI group, they leverage this internal expertise and technology on their low-floor electric buses, like with the Equess CHARGE model.

We also represent Lightning eMotors in Canada. Forest River Bus partnered with them in August 2021 to deploy up to 7,500 zero-emission shuttle buses across the USA and Canada. As of today, Lightning eMotors is one of the leaders in vehicle electrification..

We have in-house expertise in electric vehicles.

Our brand partner, Demers Ambulances, made history in Fall 2021 when they launched the first electric ambulance. As part of the same organization, our bus division benefits from this electric expertise. We share Customer Care Service Center resources and the knowledge on properly servicing an electric vehicle. In addition, our technicians are well-trained in electric bus maintenance. As a Crestline Buses customer, you will benefit from the know-how of our entire group, making Crestline Buses different than any other bus dealer offering electric bus models.

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