Spirit of Freedom

Affordable innovation and accessibility are built-in this low-floor wheelchair bus for sale.

Looking for a wheelchair bus for sale? The Spirit of Freedom is an affordable low-floor bus perfect for the shuttle and paratransit market. Built on the conventional GM G4500 chassis or Ford E-450 cutaway chassis, the Spirit of Freedom offers a comfortable and accessible ride. Features include an OEM spring suspension, rear-wheel drive, hydraulic ABS brakes, an all-steel tubular cage construction, and E-Coat corrosion package.

Focused on being an exceptional choice for purchasing a wheelchair bus for sale, the Spirit of Freedom exceeds ADA guidelines with a 1:5 ramp slope when equipped with the option 34” x 62” ramp. It also offers a 41” wide, single angled, accessible entryway, providing equal access to passengers of all abilities, including wheelchair riders, users of power scoots, and those with walkers. If the speed of operation, ride quality, passenger dignity, and safety are important to you, then the Spirit of Freedom low-floor bus should be considered.  

Standard Features and Upgrade Options

  • Black steel bumper (front & rear)
  • GerFlor flooring Sirius anthracite gray (no coving on sides)
  • Solid framed windows
  • Rear egress window 24″ x 60″
  • Seat cover – Level 1
  • Citi seat cover – Level 1
  • FRP ceiling and walls
  • Driver’s console with cup holder
  • Entry assist handles (stainless steel)
  • Door header access panel
  • Left and right-hand stanchions (stainless steel)
  • One-piece exterior FRP wall/skirt
  • LED interior and exterior lights (Ford chassis only)
  • Auxiliary battery component with tray and door
  • Backup alarm
  • Interior passenger lights “ON” with the door open
  • Switches mounted on driver’s console
  • Rear centered mounted brake LED light
  • Black rubber rear wheel well flares
  • Upper corner rear ICC LED lights
  • Exterior LED light at entry door
  • Exterior ramp and door toggle switches
  • Heated/remote exterior mirrors
  • Electric outward 39″ wide clear opening entrance (35″ with handles)
  • Egress window lights
  • White standee line with sign (Ford chassis)
  • Door header access panel (Ford chassis)
  • Large curb view window (GM chassis)
  • Anti-ride bumper
  • Transpec energy-absorbing rear bumper
  • Romeo rim bumper
  • Energy-absorbing rear bumper with
  • Hawkeye backup system with anti-ride plate
  • Rear door (outside key lock, inside manual locking lever) with 2 windows, no side window, door alarm, and exit LED light
  • Rear door (outside key lock, inside manual locking lever) with 2 windows, 2 side windows, door alarm, and exit LED light
  • Vinyl Soft Touch ceiling and walls (grey)
  • Altro Flooring – storm grey (no coving on sides)
  • T-slider windows
  • Solid frameless windows (with blackout mullions)
  • Seat cover – Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • Citi seat cover – Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Backed by a 3 year / 80,000 km warranty.