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Since the early 2010s, Lightning eMotors has been working to develop cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions for commercial fleets. Today, Lightning eMotors has the largest electric vehicle production facility in the USA. From the powertrain to the charging infrastructure and the telematics, their team is designing, engineering, customizing, manufacturing and supporting zero-emission solutions to meet their customer’s needs with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Lightning eMotors is currently the leading manufacturer. They have put more medium-duty electric vehicles on the road than any other OEM, mainly thanks to his DHL and Amazon Prime delivery van fleet deployed in the U.S.

“We’re passionate about the environment and fleet efficiency. We believe that you can have both, and our products are meticulously and intelligently designed to deliver.

Lightning eMotors electric bus and vans available for sale:

ZEV3 Transit Passenger Van

Electric Forest River Van powered by Lightning eMotors.

Mounted on a Ford Transit 350HD chassis base, this electric passenger van has a capacity for up to 14 passengers with accessibility options.

ZEV4 Shuttle Bus

Electric StarTans Senator II powered by Lightning eMotors.

Mounted on a Chevy Express 4500 chassis base, this electric shuttle bus has a capacity for up to 18 passengers with various layout options in its ADA version.

Electric bus conversions

Take a quick step forward to electrification at a lower upfront cost by opting for electric bus conversions. The Lightning Repower team can upgrade your gas-fueled buses to zero-emission vehicles. Buses are converted to 100% electric by replacing the entire conventional system with a high-efficiency electric powertrain. A preliminary assessment of your bus is required to estimate the feasibility of the electric conversion.

Why did we choose to work with Lightning eMotors?

  • Expertise and sustainability: They select their suppliers with great care, keeping the end-user interest at the core of their manufacturing process. A good example is the batteries, a significant component of the drivetrain and a source of anxiety for fleet operators. Instead of using the lowest-cost battery cells available, they select cells from tier-1 manufacturers, which ensures better quality and longevity. In addition, they also focus on implementing intelligent, active thermal management for their batteries to keep them operating in their ideal temperature range. This mindset helps ensure performance, range and efficiency while dramatically improving battery lifetimes from just one or two years to as many as 10.
  • Strategic partnership: On August 2021, Forest River, Inc. and Lightning eMotors entered a strategic partnership agreement to deploy up to 7,500 zero-emission shuttle buses across the USA and Canada. As their strategic partner, we are their primary certified dealer in Canada. The ZEV4 and the ZEV5 Shuttle bus models are exclusively sold through Crestline in Canada.
  • Variety of options: In addition to electric bus conversions, Lightning eMotors produces zero-emission all-electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, including delivery trucks, shuttle buses, passenger vans, chassis-cab models, and repowered transit buses. We are working with them and Forest River Bus to bring you the electric bus models you require for your transportation services.

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