Why choose Crestline?

We are the only bus dealer in Canada that can match all of your needs, and stand by our products and services.

Choose YOUR bus.

Whether you operate a municipal fleet, health care facility, shuttle, or tour company, we have a solution for you. Crestline Buses carries the broadest range of mid-size buses in Canada, making us a premier bus dealer.

Our sales consultants will assist you in selecting the right bus or van model to meet your needs. If something is not available as standard, we can customize it! Our Crestline Buses team of engineers is ready to face any challenge and provide turnkey and adaptive solutions from simple storage space to complex system integrations.

Crestline Buses is a bus dealer that can cover all your needs. Our experts work hard to make your bus procurement hassle-free.

Pay only for what you need.

Contrary to most dealerships globally, we won’t try to sell you options you don’t want. Instead, we promise to give you precisely what you need.

Our experts sit on the same side of the table as you, focusing on your requirements. They will assist you in building the perfect bus for your needs, walking you through the design process step by step. They will guide you from selecting the chassis to the colors of the seats and everything in-between.

As a trusted partner, we offer full transparency on our pricing and your overall cost of ownership.

We've got you covered.

As our customer, you are part of the Crestline Buses family. We care for our people. More than a bus dealer, we are a true partner.

At Crestline Buses, our job as a bus dealer is to ease yours for purchasing and servicing your fleet. We smooth out all the buying process steps and deliver your bus in person to ensure proper training on your new vehicle.

However, our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s in the area of warranties, assistance with mechanical maintenance, fleet management, or even just expert advice on bus solutions, we are always ready to help you. In addition, we have Crestline Buses experts located nationwide to serve you locally.

What makes us different?

We are people-driven; we care for our customers and their business. Our salespeople are more than order-takers. They are experts in their product solutions and highly experienced in assessing and meeting our customer’s needs.

Crestline Buses carries the broadest range of mid-sized commercial buses in Canada in conjunction with being the largest buyer of Ford and GM chassis serving the mid-size bus market. We have infinite options for our customers, including low-floor or high-floor options, electric buses, luxury buses, versatile vans, and more.

As an established bus dealer, we have nearly five decades of experience in defining vehicle characteristics for public and private customers regarding their needs and requirements.

We are a nationwide bus dealer. We can service our customer needs from coast to coast. For sales or maintenance, we guarantee easy access to our people and our service anywhere in Canada.

Our manufacturing backbone, industry expertise, reliability, scalability, and quote/bids efficiency make us a true value-added partner. In addition, we can accommodate customization requests. We don’t push standard products; we build the right solution for our customers.

Our industry expertise.

We offer the most dynamic solutions through the broadest range of bus and van models for health care, assisted living,
public transport, paratransit, shuttle, tour, and charter.

Our partner brands.

To meet the demands of our customers with excellence, we’ve selected the best brands in bus manufacturing.

For over 10 years, Crestline Buses maintains strong and often exclusive dealer-distributor partnerships with the two leading mid-size bus manufacturers in North America: Forest River Group, the industry leader, and New Flyer, the primary bus provider of North American public transit operators.

Today, Crestline Buses is a Top-5 North American bus dealer of the Forest River Group and continues to reinforce its partnership with both groups.

Being part of the Demers-Braun-Crestline-Medix Ambulance Group positions Crestline Buses as one of the largest fleet/pool account partners for Ford and GM. Our centralized chassis procurement ensures a reliable supply chain and the ability to secure inventory. The financial health of our group provides the ability to deliver and follow through on big projects and large fleet orders. We commit ourselves from securing the chassis order through vehicle delivery and post-sale support.

Industry Memberships

  • Alberta Continuing Care Association
  • Alberta Seniors Communities & Housing Association
  • Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association
  • Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation
  • Canadian Urban Transit Association
  • Fédération des Transporteurs par Autobus
  • Green Truck Association
  • Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba
  • New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes
  • Ontario Long Term Care Association
  • Ontario Retirement Communities Association